“The magic world” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Elena Cabello Corral, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

The magic world

On a beautiful sunny day, in a magic colourful world with green grass, lived a tall, nice and beautiful girl, who was eight years old and her name was Caroline. She had two best friends that were a rabbit and a cat. Their names were Katy and Fairy. Katy was playful, funny and a cute cat, Fairy had wings, it was a funny and cute rabbit.

In the forest, the three best friends found a man who told them that there was an underground world, and there were two doors. In one of them, if you guess three riddles, you were going to find a treasure full of money gold and jewels. The other door was full of tests that you couldn’t pass.

The next day Caroline asked for permission to go to the underground world, her father and mother said that she couldn’t go, that she was not going to go. The girl was very, very sad, and she went to her bedroom, she wanted to go, so she ran away with Katy and Fairy. Fairy went flying and Katy went running. Caroline struggled to follow her friends, so she fell down and got a cut in her leg. And they were in the middle of the forest!

Caroline picked up her cell phone and called the doctor. The doctor said that she only had to put a magic plaster on her leg and it will be the magic plaster all the time. In a week the cut was healed and the three best friends saw the man again. He was pointing to the underground world and the three best friends went running to the front door. Then suddenly, some torches started by themselves.

They started trembling. Far away the three best friends saw the two doors, they did not know which was the correct door. On the doors, there were some numbers written.

The first door contains full of tests that you couldn’t pass. The number displayed in this door was ten, which means ten people died trying to pass it. The other door which had jewels, gold and money, the number of this door was zero. But the three best friends thought that usually nobody goes to the correct door so they went to the door where was written a zero. They guessed the three riddles and they took the jewels, the money and the gold.

The three friends celebrated their triumph, but… how can they go back to their home? They looked around and found a strange car like a plane, the car could fly! Caroline, Katy and Fairy rode in the car and started flying. They could see all the forest while they were crossing the sky. Then the three friends knew that they were going to be the best friends, friends forever!

They landed in their town and they shared all the jewels, the money and the gold with all the people in the town.

Caroline only kept the flying car. She wanted it as a momory of her friends, their great adventure and their friendship.

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