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Cindy's Success Story

“Cindy's Success Story” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sopuruchi Odigboegwu, Bethany Hall Schools, Lagos, Nigeria.

Cindy's Success Story

There lived a girl called Cindy, she was born on December 24th 2007 now she is going to be eleven. She started school late and she did not really know how to read, spell, pronounce and people at school laughed at her. She was elder and taller than her classmates. The teachers and students did not like her except one teacher, Miss Serena, who liked students for who they really are. Miss Serena decided to help Cindy by doing extra lessons for her after school, only her parents and her best friend Princess, knew. Princess is a very kind, generous and honest always and princess supported and encouraged Cindy to move forward:“continue going you will get there”, so in school when lunch or study time Cindy and Princess will go to Miss Serena’s class to learn new things and return to class.

One day, Cindy and Princess found out that the girl that comes first in class bribes the teacher. So Cindy used Miss Serena’s phone videoed it and showed it to the principal and the principal fired the teacher and expelled the child from school. The next day the principal announced on the assembly and said miss Serena [ Cindy’s lesson teacher] is promoted to HEAD TEACHER and she was so exited that she almost fainted but Cindy and Princess held her, she was so happy till she got home. Since miss Serena is head teacher she said the best behave and most hardworking will be head prefect while others will be other prefects, so for a month she kept on watching and recording their behaviours. At the end of the month, she chose Princess because she serves people without no complaints, cares for them and continued doing good things to others.

At their school graduation, Cindy was overall best (first position) in her class and it was the head teacher who presented her gift to her and her friend Princess came to join her in the pictures and celebrate. Cindy was so happy, she never knew she could be the best in her class. Miss Serena is her hero because she believed in her.

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