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The Hidden Talent

“The Hidden Talent” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sachit Yadav, JSS International, UAE.

The Hidden Talent

Once upon a time there lived a turtle. His name was Gobby. He saw that all his friends were good in something. He also wanted to know what he is good in, so he asked his parents “what is my talent?” They said, ”We don’t know, you should discover it.” So first he played football, he lost! He scored only one goal while the opponent scored six goals. Next he tried to play cricket but he got out on the first ball and while bowling he bowled very badly, he lost again.Then he tried to play table tennis, he only got one point while the opponent scored full eleven point. Then, he played long tennis but he lost the game badly. So then he sat on the chair and started crying. Then Scooby the dog came to Gobby, Scooby said “Why are you crying?” then Gobby said “I don’t have any talent”. Then Scooby said “Everybody has a talent but you should discover it” Gobby said “I don’t known my talent”. So the next day while they were passing a fifth grade classroom they saw a question, the question was “how big is the sun?” within a second Gobby said “the answer is 1,392,000 kilometer, then the fifth grade teacher said great Gobby “the answer is correct”. Then Scooby said “you have discovered your talent, it is in study”, Gobby was very happy because he had discovered his talent.

Now Gobby name became famous in the school and every student started to respect him. Gobby had started participating in school completion and quizzes, he started competing with other school, going for interschool challenges and competing in nation level. Later he became a famous scientist in the world.

Moral: - Everybody has some hidden talent but they have to discover it.

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