Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » The countryside

“The countryside” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Andrea Núñez Rubiano, Spain.

The countryside

One beautiful sunny day, there were two people whose names were Patricia and Liliana. They went to the countryside, which was beautiful and filled withlots of green grass, beautiful flowers, trees and the place was very quiet too.

Liliana and Patricia were walking and they found a monster that had a baby. Patricia got scared and fell down. The mom monster helped her. Soon, then became friends and started playing catch together. They had to catch the baby, but it was very fast and they could not catch him. After playing a while, they went to their houses. When they were on the road, they discussed the joyous moment they shared together. So, they decided to go back to the countryside in the next day and play with them again.

In the next morning, they had their breakfast quickly because they were very eager to return to the countryside and meet their new friends. When they arrived to the countryside, they looked for them and found them near a large tree. When they saw them, they ran to meet them. All together went for a walk in the countryside near a river. There, they found an animal like a bear. Liliana and Patricia stayed motionless because of the shock. But their new friends looked at the bear and it was as if they could talk with him. The monster held Patricia’s hand and they touched the bear, it was really surprised that he did not move. The mother monster, in order to understand him, spoke to him that the animals do not do any harm. Animals can also get scared when they see humans because they do not know how to speak in this way. After that they moved forward and they spent the day together.

It was another special day and they did not want them to leave the countryside. They became thick friends. They wanted to be together all the time. So, the monster mother said that they could stay, be their friends, and they could all play together.

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