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The Snowfall

“The Snowfall” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sharanya Gupta, Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Delhi, India.

The Snowfall

One cold winter Saturday morning Daisy and her younger brother Jack were sleeping in their cosy beds, when the loud tring, tring, tring of the alarm clock by the bed side woke them up. “Good morning Jack!” Daisy greeted. “Good morning!” Jack replied in a lazy voice. Daisy got up and moved to the window by her bed and suddenly she was jumping with excitement. “Jack let’s get ready and have breakfast. See last night there has been a snowfall, let’s go out to play. The garden is covered with snow.” Daisy said in an excited voice. “Wow! Snow” an elated Jack jumped so high that he almost fell off the bed. Both the kids ran off and got ready. They hurriedly had their breakfast and ran out of the door.

Both ran in the snow, made snow angels and had a snowball fight. “Let’s make our very own Snowman and see who makes a better one” Daisy said to Jack. “Yes” said an excited Jack. They both started making their respective snowman. After some time they were finished with making the snowman, “Done” both said together. Daisy’s snowman was big with pebble eyes, hands made of the tree branches and wearing Daisy’s muffler around his neck. While Jack’s huge snowman without any body parts fell down as they were deciding which snowman was better. Daisy laughed and said, “Now it’s decided, the one which is left is the winner.” Jack was very angry with her but Daisy was very happy and proud of herself. “I’m really tired, I’m going to take a break and also complete my home work”, Daisy spoke to herself as she moved towards the house. Meanwhile Jack kept on playing and did not realize when he fell asleep.

He saw a dream in which he was playing with snow, and then Daisy came and started making a snowman. Slowly her snowman grew bigger and bigger, finally it was bigger than the house. Suddenly the snowman began to move and started chasing Jack. It was trying to eat Jack. As he was running to escape the huge snowman he fell into the soft fluffy snow. His eyes opened and Jack realised he was sleeping on the swing and he fell off from there. At that moment he heard mom calling out, “Jack come on, come inside now and have lunch. I’ve made your favourite pizza.” “Wow! Pizza”, Jack thought, his mouth was already watering.

What a lovely day, the first snowfall of the year was a great way to have fun, Jack thought and ran inside the house.

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