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The Murderer Who Loves To Eat Cheese!

“The Murderer Who Loves To Eat Cheese!” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Isaac Gabriel Ng Chung Wing, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

The Murderer Who Loves To Eat Cheese!

Detective Jane Cansellburry was reading her newspaper quietly until Postman Samcoy burst in, breathlessly announcing that Queen Tomika was killed. Jane Cansellburry rushed to the scene of the crime. There she smelt cheese! The scent was so strong that she felt hungry. Looking around, she saw a boy, named Lawrence, crying over the lifeless body of Queen Tomika. Another man, Mr Finn, was also there. He was mumbling his disappointment that he missed his music student, and laughed an awkward and soft laugh.

Jane Cansellburry licked her lips, and narrowed down the situation quickly. The victim was poisoned. Mr Finn and Lawrence were the only two suspects. “Mr Finn,” she asked, “Where were you this morning and how are you related to Queen Tomika?” “I am her music teacher,” replied Mr Finn. “Is she – was she – a good student?” questioned Jane Cansellburry. “No, no, no,” replied Mr Finn, frowning away.

Jane Cansellburry then turned to Lawrence. “Where were you last night?” she queried.“I was at the castle and I fell asleep after reading my book,” replied Lawrence with a regretful tone. “Is that all?” “Yes,”said Lawrence, as he popped a nugget of cheese into his mouth. Jane Cansellburry stared hard at Lawrence. She asked, “Lawrence, were you eating cheese last night?”“Yes! I love cheese! Yum! Yum! Yum!”Lawrence remarked in delight. “Did you have dinner with Queen Tomika last night?” Jane Cansellburry continued.“Yes, of course, yes,” nodded Lawrence. Then he stopped. “But why….?” he started, in a guilty tone.Voila! Jane Cansellburry had found out the truth. She had trapped the murderer.

“Congratulations, Lawrence!” Jane Cansellburry said. “You have exposed yourself. You killed Queen Tomika. Her body smells of cheese - your cheese.” Lawrence turned red with rage. “She deserved it!” he stammered. “She tried to kill poor Bronckey, my little donkey. Yes it bit her, but it was only a little wound on her hand. What a mean queen!” Jane Cansellburry turned, whistling away. “Constable,” she ordered, “You may proceed with the suspect.”


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