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Harshvardhan’s Mission to Mars

“Harshvardhan’s Mission to Mars” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Harshvardhan Singh Saini, JSS International School, Dubai, UAE.

Harshvardhan’s Mission to Mars

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Harshvardhan. He wanted to see the whole planets in this universe. He asked his mother and father, ‘How can we visit all the planets’? Harshvardhan’s father was a scientist and he told him that they need to build a rocket to go to the planets. They all started to build a rocket and the day came when the rocket was ready to launch.

However, his father told that if rocket goes to Mars it has to come back by midnight. If they don’t come by midnight, they will be stuck in the planet and will never be able to come back to earth. They all agreed that they will come back by midnight and rocket was launched. As they reached Mars, they were so surprised to see the aliens.

Aliens were blue in color and they had three blue eyes with a very big nose. They looked very scary, just like a monster. Aliens started to attack Harshvardhan and his family. They started to run on the planet Mars but aliens followed them everywhere. After running for a while, Harshvardhan stood and said loudly that ‘Can we be friends’? Aliens asked, “will you kill us”? Harshvardhan replied, “we will be your friend forever.” Then Harsh asked them their names and Aliens told their names as Lakoose, Lago, Mattot, Pusseeto, Margo and so on. They all started playing games together and they played so much that they forgot to look at the time. Aliens explained as how they keep their planet free from dust and garbage. Suddenly, watch started to ring fast as it was just 5 minutes to midnight. They were shocked and ran fast to the rocket. They pressed the power button and then fly button.

The rocket immediately started towards earth. They went so fast but suddenly a rock came in between. Harshvardhan’s father took the controls in his hand and saved them. It was just midnight when they entered the planet Earth. They reached home and hugged each other. They were so happy to see their home after a terrific mission to Mars. Harshvardhan always remembered the good time he spent in the company of his friends at Mars.

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