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Story of Samson Greer

“Story of Samson Greer” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Elliana Soleil Snyder, Long Branch Elementary, Arlington, VA, USA.

Story of Samson Greer

Once there was a boy he had just moved into Birly Falls. Like most new kids, he had to study in a new school. He also had a new house. In fact, everything was new to him. His name was Samson. Samson Greer. He felt awkward being in a new place, it was different from his home town. He was 11 years old and had one older brother and 3 younger sisters. When he saw his house for the first time he thought “WOW!”but he just said “The house looks great mom.” He was exited to live in a new house. “Well, one good thing is I’m living near the awesome MEGA cool Toy Store,” he thought. “…but I’ll have to start a new school.” He shivered at the thought. “What will the kids think about me? Will I fit in?”he questioned himself. He tried not to think about it anymore.

A week later, it was the day he was dreading the most in his whole life. It was the first day of school. His parents said he was coming in the middle of the day, at 1:00, after lunch. “Ok,”he said. He went to his room. “Phew,”he thought. He got ready for school and thought about it again. Then at 1:00 PM, he went and introduced himself to his new class. Some people were whispering to each other. He tried to act normal… but when recess came he had to face with not 1 but 2 bullies. "Who are you?" asked the first one. “I..I..I’m Samson. S..S..Samson Greer.”Samson stuttered. “Ok, new kid.” What are you doing here?”asked the second. “I just moved here.” Samson said scared. “Well, here you’re not Samson.” The first one said in a nasty voice.”…you're Nobody.” They kicked him and walked away.

”I..I..I’m Nobody?"Samson whispered to himself quietly. His eyes started to well up with tears and his heart beat faster as their words lingered in his mind. Then a nice boy walked by and said, “Don’t worry. They’re always mean like that. Plus you’re not Nobody if you’re alive aren’t you?” “Yeah I guess so.”said Samson. “Hey do you want to play with me? asked the boy.”Sure. What’s your name anyway?”Asked Samson. “Jack. Jack Contazo.”said Jack. "Cool.”said Samson. They had so much fun and got to know each other so well, that they became best friends. They spent each day getting to know each other, what they liked and didn’t like, what inspired them, what made them scared, happy, sad and mad. Their friendship grew deeper as they shared what was on their hearts. They knew that no matter what life threw at them, they had a friend they could always count on to be by their side. They were friends forever.

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