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Secret Agent Jackson Mark

“Secret Agent Jackson Mark” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Syed Arsalan Sabiry, Belgium.

Secret Agent Jackson Mark

Once there was a kind boy named Jackson Mark. He was twelve years old and studying in ninth grade. One day Jackson was riding his bike. Suddenly a strange boy came in front of his bike and said, “Come with me”. Mom says never go with strangers, replied Jackson. Then Jackson thought for a while that this stranger is of my age so, it will not matter a lot if I go with him. Soon Jackson followed the stranger. Suddenly a loud BLASST! Happened and the stranger flew up the sky! With rocket boots.

Jackson was shocked by watching this as he has never seen before rocket boots. Seeing this, Jackson fainted. Five minutes later the stranger’s voice shacked Jackson … “Are you okay”? “Yes,” replied Jackson. The stranger introduced himself as a secret agent named Tom. I’m the boss of the team.’’ What team’’? And how do you know my name? Asked Jackson. “Our team is called SATX that’s stands for Secret Agent Team X, Said Tom. And we know your name because we were spying on you, as you are also a secret agent.

“Thank you boss,” said Jackson. “Don’t call me boss, call me Tom okay.” “Okay Tom,” replied Jackson. “Take this’’ Said Tom .What is it? asked Jackson. “It is a fire stone only to the one who is special and that is you’’. “Thank you” said Jackson. “No problem,” replied Tom and “Let me show you the way to HQ”.

Jackson‘s first day on job in HQ was cool. He got a SATX hover board and SATX gadgets. Best day ever! He whispered. Surprisingly next day Tom was absent from job. Suddenly all the agents screamed out, ‘’Everybody QUIET’! Controlled Jackson. All agents went quiet except a mouse.’’ Everybody we can find him I have put a tracking chip in his pocket so we can track him down’’ ‘’ Are you all with me ‘’? Said Jackson. Yes we are, said the agents.

While chasing mouse, agents had a long journey, finally they reached to a dreadful place. Tom! shouted Jackson. Stop or then your boss will go to my personal jail. A strange man roared and appeared from the dark. “I’ am Dr. Alfie. I want the fire ruby; I want to rule the world and destroy it.” “Never’’ Said Jackson. If you want to release your boss Tom, and then let’s have a fight,” Dr. Alfie challenged Jackson.

There was crash, bash everybody fought and lastly the team won. Dr. Alifie went to jail and Tom was released. Jackson got a medal for bravery and his victory made him the new boss, he was feeling proud of himself. When Jackson came back home, his startle mother was turning red due to anger.”You have not done your homework since a week! Where you were silly boy?” asked Mom. You will not watch TV for one week! ordered Mom. Jackson couldn’t realize that actually the journey took one week. Oh no!

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