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The Pet by Eniola Anjorin

“The Pet by Eniola Anjorin” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Eniola Anjorin, St Mary's International Schools, Ilorin, Nigeria.

The Pet by Eniola Anjorin

Ennie never understood why Ayisha wanted a dog. Ayisha was three times her age but she was always willing to play with Ennie. When Ayisha Baba got her pet, Ennie was surprised but happy to share. Patty was the cutest dog ever. She was cute and furry and she wore a gold collar. She went ‘Yap, Yap!’ all the time and she bopped about the place with her tiny tongue sticking out. Her ears and tail were always up whenever Ennie came by but she never let Ennie carry her. She would wriggle off in a huff of fur and cling to her owner like glue. Ayisha did not notice Ennie become more upset every passing day.

Ayisha would play chase with Patty and not Ennie. Ayisha would play fetch with Patty and not Ennie. Ayisha would even read to Patty and not Ennie. One day Ennie’s mom asked her to go play with Ayisha. Ennie said, ‘No Thanks, Mom. I would rather have my own dog. Can I, please?’ Ennie’s mom would have no pets in the house. ‘Who has the time to take care of a pet?’ ‘I do!’ said Ennie. ‘I want a dog just like Ayisha’s she cried. ‘If Ayisha can have a pet, then so can I’ Ennie asked. Mom laughed. ‘Ayisha is not a little girl like you. When you get to be her age, you can have a pet of your own.’ This made Ennie even more upset. She promised herself never to play with Ayisha again. Soon, Ennie was on her way to school when she heard a familiar sound behind her. ‘Yap, Yap!’ She turned to see Patty. She did not see Ayisha anywhere. ‘Go home!’ She shouted and continued on her way to school. ‘Yap, Yap!’ Ennie shouted ‘Shoo!’ Patty froze for a moment but continued to follow.

When Ennie got to school, she had a bright idea. She scooped Patty up and took her to her class. She presented Patty as a gift to her teacher, Ms Taffy who joyfully accepted her. Ennie got home after school with a spring in her step. She came upon a tearful Ayisha looking for her dog. Ennie agreed to help look and together they pasted missing posters about. They even made a game of it and for a moment, Ayisha forgot her dog was gone and Ennie forgot her quarrel with her best friend. When Ayisha brought Ennie home afterwards, she said, ‘I’m happy I still have you, Ennie. You will always be my first pet’ and kissed Ennie on her cheek. Ennie wouldn’t eat dinner. Ayisha’s kiss was heavy on her heart and when her mom looked into her eyes, she burst into tears and told all. Ms Taffy came as soon as she was called and she gave Patty back to Ennie. Patty licked Ennie’s face for the first time and she thought it very familiar. Ennie gave Patty back to Ayisha that very night.

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