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The Magical Plant Shop

“The Magical Plant Shop” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Vedang Tanav Kante, Oakridge International School, Bangalore, India.

The Magical Plant Shop

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Suhan. Once he got a seed. He wanted to plant this seed but there was no space left in his garden. Then he kept this seed safely and securely thinking he will plant it later when there will be space in the garden. One row ripped off due to a big infection to the plants. Now there is full one row space available in the garden. In this row Suhan planted his seed right in the centre.

Suhan did lot of work to plant this seed. He dug the soil, pulled lot of fertilizers from various shops, got so much water from nearby tap and then he planted the seed covered the soil completely and made sure the garden is looking clean and very beautiful. Suhan also watered the seed and started looking at it very eagerly what happens to this seed now, which plant will come out of this seed.

Suhan was not able to sleep. He was always thinking about the seed when will it grow and when will he get to know what plant is it, will it give flowers or fruits or anything else. He was very excited to see this. This plant which came out after five days is now converting itself into sapling.

He was very excited he pulled himself out of the bed running towards the garden and he stopped near the sapling and started observing very keenly. Every day he started observing how it is growing. Then he got an excellent idea of noting down the growth progress of the sapling. Then he bought a nice book and a pen then he started writing down about the sapling.

Sapling got tiny eyes and sweet and little mouth with which it started talking to Suhan. He can look into the eyes of Sapling and understand sapling’s emotions and excitements. This Sapling turned itself into a tree with strong trunk and branches and started flowering. Later this tree was growing colorful oranges.

He thought the sapling was so nice, then he rushed to the same shop back again. This shop was so famous across the street which is called as The Magical Plant Shop. There were so many kids standing in the queue to buy these magical plants from the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper knows Suhan so very well that he went directly to the shop keeper and waived his hand to shopkeeper. Shopkeeper was so happy to see Suhan, came out of his desk and hugged him and asked him “How are you doing my dear friend?” Then Suhan was so happy he started telling about the sapling to the shopkeeper and he asked for another seed. Shopkeeper was very happy to meet his young friend and went inside and got a best seed which he has in the shop and handed it over to Suhan.

Suhan rushed back home and you know what he does for his favorite plants? He was right in the garden next to the empty row which had only sapling as of now. Oh what happened there is more space in the garden now on to the right side as these plants got killed due to heavy rains. So Suhan thought he should plant this new seed which he got from the Magical Plant shop in the new space. Then he dug and dug went so deep and planted the seed inside, covered the seed with the soil, fertilizers, water and kept on looking at it very enthusiastically.

The second seed also came out and became seedling first with a wonderful look. Later it structured itself as a phenomenal sapling.

That sapling got even more tiny eyes than the other sapling but that was not a sapling anymore it was a normal tree now with some flowers on it. Suhan kept name for the orange tree, he started calling it as Range because the fruits name is orange he took out the o and made it into range. After five days the other sapling also became into a tree with flowers but Suhan did not get to know which fruit will come out of this tree.

The Range tree got two to three tiny oranges. The other tree got amazing flowers and after five days these flowers turned into two tiny lemons. Suhan saw them and he told “My favorite tree is the one which was growing till now I never realized.” Meanwhile Range got big juicy oranges. Suhan named Lemon tree as “Leemo”. Lemmo also got many lemons. He planned now to be a farmer and then he got another idea to live with these two trees. He stayed with them forever until he died and made many gardens like these across the globe.

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