Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » The Tap and the Mug

“The Tap and the Mug” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ch V S M Srikar, Sri Chaitanya Techno School, India.

The Tap and the Mug

Once upon a time, there lived a tap and a mug. The Tap was very intelligent and polite too. But, the Mug was very lazy and was not ready to do hard work.

One day, the mug told to the tap that “I am more intelligent than you, Tap.” Then the Tap told to Mug “Ok, Fine but you are more lazy”. Then, the Mug got very angry and said “Let’s conduct a competition and find out who is lazy”. Then the Tap told “Ok”.

Then they started the game next day. The game score was 10 points. In the First Round, the Tap was pouring water to plants. But, the mug was sleeping these means that Tap achieved 1 point. In the second round, the Mug started doing his work and the Tap was cleaning his house. It means, they both have achieved 1 point. In the Third round, the Tap was praying to God and the Mug was writing so again they both again achieved a point. In the Fourth round, the tap was painting and the Mug was cleaning his house so both achieved a point again. From Fifth round, they started helping each other. From that day onwards The Mug also started working hard. But, one day suddenly, the Mug recalled his past, and they again started fighting each other like enemies. Then the Mug told to Tap that “Let’s again conduct a Competition. The game score was 7 points. They started the same game, how they did at the previous game. The Tap and The mug were doing their work. In the second round, Tap was cleaning his house and Mug was painting. In the Third round, the Tap was cleaning his Bag and the Mug was Painting. In the fourth round, the Tap was learning and the Mug was setting curtains to the wall.

In the fifth round, the Tap was setting curtains and the Mug was praying to the God. In sixth time, the Mug told to stop the game. Then the Mug realized and became friends and lived happily ever.

Moral: Hard work gives Success.

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