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The Ship World

“The Ship World” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Angad Singh, Sanskriti School, India.

The Ship World


Captain Crook was the leader of 'The Unicorn' who wanted to take over captain Ho-Yong's ship and wanted to kill him and his crew. He wanted to capture the treasure on captain Ho-Yong's ship. They both with their crew fought a battle against each other in the sea, tried to explode bombs into each other's ships. Captain Ho-Yong's ship was the 'Giant-Octo'. So, they joined the furious battle in the sea. Long-Long ago there was an Island ruled by Captain Crook. One day his sailors found a bottle in the sea, carrying it with them they sailed back to the land. Upon examining the contents, they found it to be a map leading them to the treasure. Captain Crook ordered for the ship to be packed and they commenced their journey. When one of the sailors examined the map with his magnifying glass, he found a spot that said -' Captain Ho-Yong'. Therefore, they came to know that, the Giant- Octo contained the treasure. They saw a ship nearby, in the fog. They started to fight. Captain Ho-Yong's crew was Quen, Jake and John. At last captain Ho-Yong's crew won by blasting Captain Crook's ship and killing him and his crew. Captain Ho-Yong and his people lived happily ever after.


One Stormy night the lightning struck the bottom of the sea. It hit the skeletons of Captain Crook and his crew beneath. Something interfered with their remains, that their life began again and they remembered their death ordeal. The skeletons quickly swam to captain Ho-Yong's Island. Meanwhile, captain Ho-Yong was hosting a lovely dinner for his crew. At this moment Queen happen to look out of the window and alas! What did she see? She saw the skeletons enter the Island. She quickly informed the captain. Soon the skeletons reached the door. Everyone was too shocked by what they had seen. But everyone was prepared soon enough. As the skeletons entered the castle, they saw no one. Captain's Ho-Yong's crew had already left the castle and was outside, circling it with bombs in their hands. They bombarded the castle with the bombs, putting it to flames and burning all the skeletons inside. Thus captain Ho-Yong's crew won yet again claiming their victory and their treasure.

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