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The Dark Forest

“The Dark Forest” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Saana Salman, Kothari International School, Noida, India.

The Dark Forest

Once upon a time, there was a village which was surrounded with thick forest and very few people lived in there. In that village there was a small hut where a family with women and two beautiful girls named Tabby and Molly lived. They were very naughty and never used to listen to their mother and troubled her. In-spite of repeated warnings they always used to do nasty things and their elders used to always teach them about being good to all and not to trouble anyone else they would get into trouble if they continue doing so.

One-day Tabby and Molly insisted going into the dark forest for which their mother warned that they should not think of going into the forest because there are some dangerous and ferocious animals and if somebody tried to enter the forest, he surely would not come out alive. Everyone in the village was afraid and they never came out of their houses/huts after getting dark. The people in the village were also trying to capture a lion and killed him, which they thought had killed some people who had entered into the forest.“You are too small to enter the forest”, said their mother. The children became sad. In-spite of the warning; children did not listen to what their mother said. They decided to go to the forest alone. In the morning the children silently went out.

When they entered the forest, they lost their way back home. While they were walking they were fascinated on seeing beautiful birds, clever vixens, small cute rabbits hopping around, creepy squirrels eating the nuts and many animals. They didn’t realize that they had reached so far till they were tired and hungry. They sat under the tree and ate some berries. Soon they fell asleep and by the time it was dark. The next morning the same ferocious lion, which their mother was talking about, was strolling and looking for his prey. As he saw the two children sleeping, lion roared. Both the children awoke and got frightened but as Lion looked at them he took pity on them and carried them on his back. When he reached the den lioness was sitting there with her cubs, she was very excited and wanted to have the delicious meal. When she was about to pounce on them, the lion said,” please stay away from the children, dear. They are not our enemies but are innocent children. Don’t be cruel like humans who kill us without any reason. We should treat them as we treat our children.” Both lion and lioness pacified them as both the children were crying and carried them home safely.

The kids thanked them and Molly said, “Dear friends we are thankful to you for sparing our lives and will always work to save you from cruel people who try to kill you”. Tabby and Molly hugged the lion and bade him goodbye.

They repented for not listening to their mother and also leant a lesson that they should obey their elders, respect others and also be compassionate towards animals as they are our friends and not our enemies.

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