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An Amazing Family Adventure

“An Amazing Family Adventure” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Hasini Balaji, India.

An Amazing Family Adventure

Once, there lived a family of 4 sisters, a brother Thomas and their parents. The sisters were Selena, Elena, Sally and Ellie.

One day, the family decided to go on a camping trip.

Selena asked her dad, “Dad will there be wi-fi available during our trip?”. Her dad answered, “No Selena there will be no wi-fi during our camping trip”. Selena said, “Oh no! I was thinking of taking some photos and sharing them on Instagram and Facebook. Anyways we can spend some time with our family during our camping trip.”

The next day the family set off their journey in their caravan. Everyone in the family was excited, but Thomas and Ellie were the most excited people in the family. They reached a nearby forest. Since, it was already night, they made a campfire and ate some smores. Then they went to bed.

The next morning, they did their morning routine in the caravan and decided to go hiking and trekking. They started with trekking. In a nearby distance they found a zipliner and a ticket counter. They bought 7 tickets and stood in the line to the zipliner. They reached the other side to start hiking. Suddenly they lost their way! They did not know what to do. They started panicking. They walked in the hot sun with very little water to drink from their supplies.

They saw a Tribal group who ran on seeing them. The father was fluent in Tribal language. He spoke to them in tribal language requesting for help. The tribals were very kind. They served them good Food. The Girls said “Yum! I have never had such good food in my entire life!”. The tribals showed them the way to a nearby village.

Villagers welcomed them as Tribal informed them using an eagle as their messenger. They had prepared 7 horses for them to reach their campsite. Finally, they reached the campsite. Night was approaching so they all decided to go back to the city early, as they were all scared of getting lost in the dark.

Next day, they reached the city and drove back to their home. “What an exciting trip was that!”, exclaimed Thomas. Father asked, “You guys didn’t seem to miss the wi-fi?”. Children giggled “Life can be more interesting without wi-fi and gadgets .”

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