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Two Friendly Kids

“Two Friendly Kids” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Victorio Gulbert Iasnatio Thene, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

Two Friendly Kids

Once upon a time in the beautiful dale, there is the village named Blue Village. It was a very peacefull village. The inhabitant was good, honest, like to help and share. Not far with the Blue Village there was village with the name of Red Village. This village was not peaceful and the inhabitant was bad, not care about the other people in the village and like to fight every time.

Red and Blue Villages were not friends because Red village was jealous with the Blue Village. There were two friendly kids with the names of Budi and Adi. Adi was from Red Village and Budi was from Blue Village. Every day they were going to play but they not only played together, they study, adventure together and more activities they did together. But, both of them could not play longer, because Adi’s parents will angry if he late to go home. Adi’s parents never know that he was going out to play with Budi. Budi was allowed to play with Adi because his parents always give him permission to play with Adi.

One day, when Adi and Budi went to play. Budi saw a smoke. Budi invite Adi to see where’s is the smoke come from. When Adi and Budi was searching where’s the smoke come, they saw Red Village conflagaration. They ran fast to help Red Village. Budi invite his parents to help the Red Village. After the fire is calm, Red Village was very happy and very thankful to Blue Village. And the last Blue Village and Red Village became friends. They were very happy because they became friends. The people in both villages became happier. They praised Budi and Adi for bringing peace in both villages.

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