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The Unknown Journey

“The Unknown Journey” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Saanvi Pothineni, Oakridge international School, India.

The Unknown Journey

Once, in a far kingdom, there lived a king and a queen. They had a huge palace at the borders of the kingdom. Once, someone stole a very special ruby. The king was very angry and he sent the guards to find the ruby. All the guards came back but none had the ruby. A girl named Nora went searching for ruby with few other people. None of them told they were searching for the ruby and they started searching for the ruby in the jungle. They saw ancient pyramid and went inside to search the thief who stole the ruby.

There were many traps in the pyramid but luckily they passed all the traps and went inside. When they passed the last trap, nobody was there except a greedy mouse. So they came out of the pyramid to search another part of the Jungle. On the way they saw a poacher which was going to hunt a tiger but they convinced him on time and left the Tiger. Then they started looking everywhere in the jungle but they found nothing, so they started searching somewhere else rather the jungle. So they went to search in the biggest farms in the kingdom. There were less people, so they got suspicious. They checked the barn but there was only Hay. So they checked in the kitchen but there was only hens laying eggs. They checked in the milk barn but there were only cows with their milk. They didn’t find anyone or anything. So they checked in the kingdom zoo.

There were many places in the kingdom zoo but they were going to search only the places they suspected, where the thief could stole the ruby. But they knew they will never give up on finding the ruby. So they started searching the giraffe keeper and all the elephant keepers. They suspected someone but it was the wrong suspect. So they kept on moving. One of them said we are not finding anybody as a suspect so let’s search somewhere else. Nora said one of the king’s assistants have stolen the ruby, then everyone said let’s go to the castle. When they reached the castle, they searched the guards. None of them had it. Then we searched the chief minister but he said I do not have it. Then we saw he was sweating and then we realized chief minister is the thief and then he was put in jail and everyone in the kingdom lived happily ever after.

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