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The Little Birds

The Little Birds

There was a beautiful garden in Musti’s home. Musti is loved by all the animals and birds lived in his garden. Also, he loved them all. The garden had a beautiful and compact nest. The nest was the shelter for a mother bird and three little baby birds.

Musti was so fond of those tiny baby birds. He visits them often and plays with them. One day, the mother bird told her baby birds to stay in place for a while as she was about to move away in search of food. The baby birds agreed. Musti reached there and the mother bird asked Musti to look after her kids. Musti agreed. Of course, our Musti is so sweet and kind.

Musti was looking at the tiny nest. The three baby birds were resting inside. Musti wandered here and there in the garden. The baby birds seemed uncomfortable in the nest without their mother.

Suddenly, a baby bird fell down. However, she was saved by the tortoise. Musti thanked Tortoise. He explained that these kids missing their mom. Musti asked Tortoise to take care of those birds. He went in search of the mother bird. Musti consoled the babies and promised them to bring back their mother as soon as possible.

Was Musti able to bring the mother bird and make the babies happy? Watch the colorful story!

The animation of this story is just beautiful. Every character is amazingly presented in the story. The three little birds are lovely to watch. Kids will surely love to see the colorful animation.

Every story in the series of animated stories for kids featuring Musti has good morals for kids. The background voice and music adds more life to the video.

When someone needs your help, you should not hesitate to do, just like Musti offered his help to take care of the baby birds. Similarly, Tortoise rushed to help and protect the baby bird from falling from her nest. It is a voluntary help! Would you not offer helping hand?

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