Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » All About Abhi

“All About Abhi” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Abhi Sukhdial, USA.

All About Abhi

“What are you doing?” asked Abhi’s mother. “I am writing a story,” he said. “Done!” Abhi went to the kitchen and found an iPad. “Mom, can I have an Ipad?”“Of course,” said Abhi’s mom. Abhi played and got a new high score. Abhi told his mother and she was very happy.

When Abhi grew up to be about 2,000,000,000 years old, he began to try to do more things by himself. Eat fast. Abhi ate for 1000 days and he slept for 8,000,000 days. By this time, Abhi was not very young. He went to his bedroom. He found a book that said Jays of Balls. Abhi kept it in his pocket. He did not want to tell his mom about the book. It is a secret. Abhi jumped inside the book. Where should he go? To the Pyramid of Kings, of course! He knew all about mummies. He went and found a mummy tomb, but there was a warning. Thank God he knew how to read ‘mummy’. It said, 'X no touch', then he stepped on X, AHHHHH he fell! Down down down! He saw the Trees of Godess, and hanging on one of its branches was a box. He opened the box. He wondered what he would find inside it!

It was a bright shiny star. He pressed the star, and suddenly, some stairs appeared, but as Abhi climbed up them, the stairs broke. “I need to run”, he thought. “This is bad.” Abhi reached the top. He found an old shed. It was dusty. He saw some more stairs and climbed them. He saw a big obstacle course. He ran through it, and found a golden idol. He took it but then, a MONSTER came. Abhi ran till he found a humongous house bigger than his own house. He liked it, but he wanted to find the hidden treasure. So he left the house and ran away.

Unfortunately, he didn’t find any treasure. He searched everywhere for it and while he searched he came upon this bad King. “Hello there,” said Abhi. “Stupid man go away,” said the King. Abhi did not like the sound of stupid because it meant someone who is not very nice. “Please fight with me,” said the King. “If you don’t, I will make zombies come towards you.” Abhi was thinking about hidden treasure…. he really wanted to find some right now… but there was a big King blocking his way. Then Abhi decided to do his superhero move. He made a big super jump past the King (like Hulk does against bad guys in the video game Disney Infinity 2.0). But instead of the King running towards him to fight, the King got so scared by the super jump. The King hated super jumps and ran away.

After 259 years of walking, Abhi met Kadandhi, the Good Guy. Kadandhi had a mission for Abhi. He said, “You have to find the hidden treasure before the bad guy Arkh does. Can you do that?” “Of course,” said Abhi.Abhi liked this mission because in this mission you have to find treasure. Abhi just loved treasure more than anything else. Abhi and Kadandhi kept walking along until four ordinary people showed up. “What’s your name?” Abhi asked. “Our names are Kala, Jinni, Saloi and Fred.” “What are you doing out here?” Fred asked. “I’m looking for treasure,” said Abhi. “Want to join along?” “Sure!” said Kala, Jinni, Saloi and Fred and they went off.

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