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Heather's Terrific Journey

“Heather's Terrific Journey” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Zahra Aryanna Binti Mohamad Fairuz, Panaga School, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia.

Heather's Terrific Journey

Many moons ago, in the cheerful and colourful meadow of America, a young girl called Heather existed with her hard-working father. The daughter of a shoe maker, Heather had long, blonde, silky hair and always had a lovely smile on her face. She was known as being honest, valiant and as compassionate as a mother caring for her baby.

One warm and sunny day, when Heather’s father went to find some thread in the storage room, the shelves were bare! “Heather, you’ll need to go to Rumbling Rainforest and collect some special vines!” he declared. Consequently, Heather packed a backpack including: a wooden water bottle, spare clothes, a torch and an emergency snack packet. As she packed, Heather felt hesitant about what lay ahead. When Heather was skipping along the path, the people, who lived nearby, cheered, waved and clapped.

Unfortunately, when she arrived at Rumbling Rainforest, a pair of yellow, menacing eyes stared straight at her. Heather stared at the beast too. It growled viciously. Heather screamed, “Someone help me! This beast is going to injure me badly!’’ Her heart pounded. Her legs shivered. There was no place to run…

Surprisingly, out of nowhere, a tribesman held his spear, took aim, and threw the spear. The beast fell. Silence. Heather’s eyes widened and her mouth gaped open. Then she gave a colossal sigh of relief. She was so relieved, she even dropped down!

After thanking the tribesman, Heather asked if he had any special vines. The tribesman nodded and gave her a large basket of special vines. Soon afterwards, Heather finally arrived home. Her father, who was excited to see her, gave Heather a huge hug, smiled and asked her for the special vines. “Here are the special vines, father! I had a terrific journey!” Heather exclaimed. As she handed over the vines, she explained about the tribesman who saved her from the terrifying beast.

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