Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » The Mystery of the Blue Sapphire

“The Mystery of the Blue Sapphire” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Abhay Vij, Singapore.

The Mystery of the Blue Sapphire

Once in a kingdom, lived a superhero that used to save people, but now he is too old. One day there was thump coming from underground thump, thump, thump!!!

Everyone in the kingdom gathered and went to the king .The king was frightened; he told all the people that it is a sign the dwarfs woke up. In the past whenever the dwarfs woke up they have ruined the whole kingdom by digging.

The Dwarfs sleep for many years. When they wake up, they start to dig for gold and other precious stones. There was only one thing that can make them sleep back again but was unknown to everyone.

The king and his people thought that now the dwarfs will keep digging and destroy all the fields. So in this situation only one person can provide the solution and that’s the old superhero.

They went to the superhero’s house and knocked on his door, the door opened and they shouted we need your help! The superhero told “I’m no more a superhero you were looking for”.

After listening to the dwarf’s story, the superhero told, “Okay let me try”.

They made a new costume for their superhero.He started his adventure. As a part of it, he came through many places like a jungle, an ocean, a desert. Finally he reached the dwarf mine and he talked with the dwarf boss. The dwarf boss told, “We are looking for the blue sapphire.” The superhero told, “I know where we can find the blue sapphire which is top of sapphire hill”. He told, “I encountered it while was searching for you all”. The dwarf boss told, What are you waiting for let’s go!”

They all started together for the journey. When they reached the top of the hill, they saw that there were lots of traps.

The dwarf boss told, “I can break this trap with this axe”. But it didn’t work so, the superhero told, “I think we must work together.” They broke the traps together and they reached the blue sapphire.

They were very excited to know what it can do. Holding the sapphire the dwarf’s spelled abara-ka-dabra !!

As they spelled, a blue light filled the air, it turned out to be very lucky for the super hero and the kingdom but it was not good for the dwarfs, as the blue light from the sapphire made the dwarfs sleep back again. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The superhero accomplished the mission and happily returned to his kingdom and was rewarded by the king, but he never shared to anyone the mystery of the blue sapphire.

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