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My Bigfoot Adventure

“My Bigfoot Adventure” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ishaan Naveena Giliyar, JSS International School, JVC, Dubai, UAE.

My Bigfoot Adventure

One day I was in a mood to do some adventures. So, I was trying to figure out whether bigfoot creature is real or fake. I was walking with my mother and father for an adventurous forest trip.

Soon I reached the forest area and I heard a noise coming from lonely place in the forest. I was so excited to know what was it and I moved forward in search of it. There I saw a brown hairy colored creature drinking water from the lake. So, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to click a picture of it and I tried clicking some. But suddenly it saw me and ran away from there… This was very disappointing for me and I was sad too… But I didn’t lose my hopes…I tried following it but was unable to track it…

Then I got an idea and took out my bear trap from my bag. I put it on the grass and then put some pieces of meat which I had carried with me for my lunch. In the middle of the bear trap I covered it with a camera beside it. After few minutes, I went to see the camera footage then I saw the bigfoot creature,,,! The real one!! And in excitement, I ran away from there to tell the entire story to my mother. I showed her the footage which was in my camera. Hearing this she informed my dad that the bigfoot creature was real. Listening to her, my dad immediately informed the forest officers…Then the forest officers were ready for attacking this creature. While the forest officers were searching for Bigfoot, they saw the creature coming towards them. Seeing this, they took their gun and started aiming to shoot the creature… But looking at all this happening I felt sad and sorry for the creature. So, I came forward for helping it from these forest officers. All of a sudden, when I was trying to protect the creature from the gun shot, unfortunately I was shot by the forest officers and suddenly I lost my consciousness. Seeing all these incidents, the creature got angry and they tried to attack the officials, which made them run away from there…

Then it sat beside me and started crying loudly. The tears fell on my face… Hearing the crying sound from my bedroom, suddenly, I was sprinkled water on my face by my mother to wake me up from my dreams. She woke me up and said, ”‘it’s time to go to school”….. Oh no…………Soon I woke up from my bed and realized that all that happened was only in my dream.

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