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Predicted Love

“Predicted Love” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sophia Jasmine Shahriman, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

Predicted Love

Once there lived an old wizard named Maftlio in ancient Spain. He was a very wise wizard that everyone looked up to. He was known for his predictions and for knowing everybody’s name, though some people found it a tad creepy. Most people called him Maftlio the Old and Powerful.

One fine morning, Maftlio was at the market buying some things for his potions when he saw a handsome youth bumpinto a beautiful lady. He wondered what their future might be together. When he got home to his tower in the Cercutio meadows, he took his all-knowing staff from his magic room. The staff was made out wood and had a crystal ball on top of it.

He tapped the staff on the floor thrice and said a few magic words. The inside of the crystal ball began to swirl. Round and round it went making the wizard feel quite dizzy. He felt like he was in a trance and indeed he was. “Carson,the royal Prince Kay’s nephew and the dead Prince Keon’s son,” whispered a mysterious voice, it was the staff! Suddenly an image of the young youth appeared in the crystal ball. He was having a friendly duel with his uncle.

“Mayia, a poor young maiden living in a small cottage with her big family,” whispered the voice again, this time saying the lady’s name.

Another image appeared of Mayia and Carson on their wedding day. Then an image of their son sitting on the Royal Throne of Spain. The trance ended and the wizard went back to normal. He then realised what he saw in the crystal ball and excitedly cried,” Spain, Spain! The King of Spain!” He wanted to tell Mayia and Carson right away but instead waited until the next day.

The very next morning, Maftlio went to Mayia’s house. Once there, he knocked on the door and waited patiently for someone to answer. A few minutes later, Mayia’s mother answered. The wizard asked to see her daughter. Mayia’s mother told him to wait a while. Mayia came to the door. Maftlio explained that she would get married to Carson, but only told her about his personality. He didn’t tell her Carson’s name.Mayia was very excited and thanked him for telling her.

After he had visited Mayia, Maftlio went to the castle to meet Carson. When Maftlio reached the castle, he requested to see the Prince’s nephew. The guard agreed to it and led him into the courtyard where Carson and Prince Kay were duelling. The guard told Carson that the wizard would like to talk to him. Carson dropped his sword and went to him. The wizard told Carson that he was going to marry Mayia, but, like before he didn’t tell him her name.

Prince Kay overheard this and said that Carson was going to marry Lady Rosisa, not whomever Maftlio was talking about. Carson didn’t want to marry Lady Rosisa but he had to obey his uncle. He sadly thanked the wizard and went back inside. Maftlio wasn’t worried though, he knew that Carson and Mayia would end up together.

The next day, Maftlio went to Mayia’s house again and told her about Carson, this time saying his name. Mayia got angry with Prince Kay and wanted to duel with Lady Rosisa. Maftlio wanted her to change her mind but she disagreed. The next morning, Mayia told the Prince that she was Carson’s true love and wanted to duel with Lady Rosisa. The Prince loved a good duel and also wanted to see who would get Carson, so he agreed.

That afternoon, the Prince set up the duel in front of a large crowd. Lady Rosisa was an angry woman and only wanted Carson because she knew that Carson would be king someday. Mayia and Lady Rosisa got ready with their swords and began the duel. It was a hard battle but in the end Mayia won. Carson was happy that he would get to marry Mayia. Mayia was also excited to marry Carson. Everyone was full of joy at their wedding and their son, Redhio did become king of Spain on his fortieth birthday. Mayia and Carson were ever so proud.

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