“Commandoes” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Seunghoon Jung, SCIS, China.


A boy named Jack always wanted to be a commando. So from the age of 5, he started collecting items including pistols and rifles. And for his private things, he saved money in case he needed something. He also collected electronic devices such as phone, computer, etc. His knowledge and incredible power helped him survive during his youth.

The main problem is that his family tried to prevent him from being commando or U.S army, but because Jack really wanted to become commando, secretly left California, where he was living with his 2 best friends: Alex and Will. They headed to the destination of Washington where U.S army was taking a place.

Starting from the lowest rank, Jack and his friends worked with all their force or stamina to accomplish their goal of becoming the commandoes. And just in 3 years they did accomplish their dream. Also Jack was responsible for taking care of Washington and Alex and Will took care of Hawaii.

Although freedom was going well in the fast rate of time, tragic also came. During the World War 2, Japan started bombing Hawaii without any representation. Soon, the tragic news came to Jack and he knew that his dear 2 friends were perished. After making a grave for casualties that perished during Japan’s attack, U.S headed to Europe to fight against German and Italy which are 2 countries helping Japan to take control places nearby.

Because Jack wanted to take revenge on the foes that had killed his 2 best friends, he joined almost all the battles during the World War 2. It includes the fight of the 5 beaches of France. He tried to keep the promise with Alex and Will of not perishing until he’s the best commando of the whole world.

Jack simply bombed the whole secret place where the foes stayed. Sometimes he caught those people and shot them in front of people’s sight. So, as the time went by, the reward for catching Jack increased until 10,000’s digit for $! Soon, at the very end of the war German and Italy started retreating from united army and commandoes’ force, and they surrendered. But, Japan never did.

So first Jack used his money that he had collected from his youth to feed and give place to rest for victims and soldiers of the war. Then, they started heading to Japan to end World War 2.

Jack’s plan of attacking Japan was very simple but was successful. His plan was, while Japan was in the state of being panic by forces of nuclear bombs and united army’s force, commandoes just simply destroy food source of Japan which makes them gather at Tokyo. It worked out very well.

The last war that Jack fought for was against a leader named Drake. Drake was a famous commando that never lost a war. And he used a strategy that Jack had never seen before.

He first put the hostages at a base and put lots of mines and artillery which made infantries to go front and he chose somewhere very foggy place which made it hard for pilots to bomb the base.

Being kind of astonished he told pilots to bomb the front part of the base which enabled infantries to go front. After gathering all the hostages, Jack told everybody to go back to the starting point. Then he gave the signal to the pilots to bomb the base. He shouted, “Because I have accomplished my dream, I have no regret of my death!” Saying is last word, he closed his eyes.

The bright fire swirled around the whole base as it was a big victory for the united army. Also, Japan surrendered! Being kind of sad and thankful to Jack, people made a statue of what kind of person he was and giving information of what he did wishing for him to be remembered.

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