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A City that Once Changed

“A City that Once Changed” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Tvisha Vinod Nair, Ekya ITPL, India.

A City that Once Changed

Bangalore was once the ‘Garden city’ as it was a small city. Over here very less people lived as well as there were wide roads and the city was filled with marvelous old style buildings. Technology had just been introduced to this sleepy and quiet city. That time life was indeed very simple and calm as there was less garbage as well as less vehicles. Life was fun.

But as the years passed, things started changing and by 2008 things had started reforming. Pollution levels as well as garbage increased. There were a lot of cars. The roads rather than widening became congested. Life now was not simple and calm. Now the population of the city increased. For me Bangalore was destroyed. So I decided that it was time I took things in my hands and that’s what I did.

I told everyone to use the bicycles instead of cars and follow the principle carpooling I also spread awareness regarding the usage of paper bags and woolen bags instead of plastic. In this way I thought we all could once again change Bangalore for the better. This reminds me of one day when I was walking down the street and surprisingly I saw a ghost, I was very scared so I tried to act brave. But when I went closer I saw the ghost had a sad face I asked him why was he sad that’s when he told me that Bangalore was a total opposite from the way it used to be.

“Oh that’s why you were sad, I think I can be bit of helpful for you “I said. So we started to research on things that could help to clean the environment. This may been the reason why today I work hard day and night to make a change we all can see and I sincerely hope that Bangalore transforms back into the old city which the ghost wanted to see for so long.

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