Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Crescent City

“Crescent City” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Athiya Fathima Tawfiq, Al Qamar International Academy, India.

Crescent City

It was a dark night in the Crescent city. On that night, there was a heavy rain in the city. It was damp, cold and dark night. The people of this city were scared and it was perilous night. There was a scientist in the city and he was called Mr.Singh. He was a good scientist .The rain came splashing along with thunderous sound. Mr .Singh came and saw the water. It was very dirty. He saw some tiny animals and they were brown in colour. So Mr. Singh thought it was cockroach. But it was not, when he checked the water it was not cockroach. He checked with the microscope. He saw virus. Then, he checked and wrote about the water. If someone smells, drinks, or inhales the water, they will die. Mr.Singh died because of inhaling the water.Then the water spread in the whole city.

One family was safe and quite. There was a girl in that family, her name was Nara. She was an adorable girl. Everyone in her class loved her. She knew water was spread in the whole city. One day Nara wore surgical mask and went to the place where Mr. Singh worked. It was a hard work. The colour of chemical was pink and green. Nara took two chemicals and mixed it up after that she does all scientific work.She tried and tested in the water. She did it like an experienced scientist. After she cleaned the city, it became beautiful and clean again. People were amazed. It was beautiful in that day. She became a super hero in the city. All the people were very glad of her. Everyone was happy and there was no trouble. So everyone called her hero. Nara loved to be called Hero.

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