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Clara’s Magical Adventure

“Clara’s Magical Adventure” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ling Xin, Sri KDU Primary School, Malaysia.

Clara’s Magical Adventure

A little girl named Clara has a teddy bear. She cuddles it every night. One day, she brought the teddy bear to the market. She accidentally bumped on a shelf and dropped the teddy bear. When Clara came home, she noticed that she had lost her teddy bear. She was very sad. Luckily, a man came to Clara’s house one day and returned the teddy bear to her. Clara was so happy that she did a cartwheel.

The next day, Clara took her teddy bear to visit Ela, a pony that lived in Bangkok Flower Valley with Aunt Sarah. Clara rode Ela together with her best friend, Sammy to Strawberry Park to visit Clara’s mother at work. Clara’s father went by boat to meet them there. The place was beautiful. There was a castle with colourful flowers around it. The orchids and roses were as colourful as a rainbow.

Aunt Sarah, Sammy and Clara were picking berries in the park, where Clara accidentally stepped on a magic flower and turned into a tiny fairy with wings. Another little fairy flew over and said to Clara, “If you want to be yourself again, you have to travel to a hut in Souvenir Park to get the potion and drink it. I can help you”. Clara agreed and flew along side with the little fairy.

After miles of flying, Clara and the little fairy finally made it to Souvenir Park. Clara flew into the hut, got the potion, and drank it. Clara turned back into herself and could walk again. She went back to Strawberry Park to look for Aunt Sarah and Sammy. Together, they collected many berries for her mommy and daddy. She has learned to be careful, not to step on the magic flower again.

That night, Clara cuddled her teddy bear to bed and dreamed of the little fairy that helped her.

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