Story Contest 2018 #1 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » The Savior

“The Savior” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Aarnavii Ganguly, UAE.

The Savior

In the UK, a married couple was lived in a big house. The wife was pregnant. Suddenly, the wife felt the kick of the baby. The couple became very elated. After a few days, a baby girl was born to the joyous couple. They decided to give a party for this joyous occasion. The baby girl was dressed up like an angel. It was the time to give the name to the baby girl. Then the mother said, “Why don’t we name her Mili?” Everybody loved the name very much. Everyone had fun at the party.

Days passed and Mili grew. She became very lazy and clumsy. All Mili could do was to sleep and this laziness worried her parents. They tried to improve Mili but failed. One day, Mili and her parents decided to go to Spain for vacation. They packed their bags and headed towards the train. Mili and her parents sat down in the train and waited for the train to move. When the train was about to move, six criminals stepped in the train. Everybody started screaming. Mili’s father told her to go to the train’s cabin as fast as possible. Mili did not listen and instead told the criminals to stop. The criminals did not listen. One criminal ordered to start the train. Irritated by Mili’s repeated requests, they told that lets make a deal: “If you win I will spare you all; if we win we will kill you all”. Mili accepted the deal. Everyone present in the train got frightened. She became very courageous. She turned back and saw the fear in everyone’s eyes. She told everyone not to worry. She had faith in herself that she could do it. She went up to the criminals and looked up into their eyes fearlessly. She noticed that the criminals were holding sickles but she was not afraid and started to fight.

She was fighting well until she turned back to see that everybody is safe. Meanwhile, a criminal cut Mili’s hand but fortunately it was only a small wound. Mili’s mother cried and her father’s eyes were filled with tears. But Mili did not give up. She kicked the criminal and got the chance to grab his sickle. Although she did not use the sickle, she kicked every criminal out of the train. Everybody started jumping with joy. Nobody expected that a 14 year old could do this. Her parents were very proud of her. They hugged her very tightly. Mili’s mother ran to get a bandage and some medicines.

There was a news reporter in the train. She took the video of the whole incident and the brave girl fighting the criminals. She published it online. By the time they reached Spain, everyone was aware of the bravery of this little girl and waited outside with flowers and posters to welcome her. From that day she started helping, educating and saving many people. She helped others to lead a better life. She became very famous and was known as ‘The Savior’.

Moral: Use your will power as it is stronger than your actual strength.

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