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The Feather Planet

“The Feather Planet” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Javisha Chawla, Kothari International School, Noida, India.

The Feather Planet

Once there was a World which was made from feathers -blue, black, rainbow colours including a few shiny feathers. And they were all living beings!!! One day, just out of curiosity, all of them decided to go on a space exploration to find other planets. Firstly, they came to our planet Earth. At first, they saw a dove with its white feathers. The feathers got scared. Then they saw people with feather hats. They thought we were complete bonkers so they left.

Then they quickly boarded their ships and went out in search for more planets to continue their space exploration. Soon after, they halted at the planet Mars which had a lot of volcanoes. It was very hot and the heat of the volcanoes was unbearable for them to stay any longer on Mars. Afterwards, they landed on the planet Jupiter. Unfortunately they just fell through it and nevertheless continued their exploration.

The very next day the feathers zoomed to a planet called Death. But, as soon as they stepped on the planet, their ship automatically transfigured to the other side of the planet and the whole planet transformed into an obstacle course. To pass through the course they jumped, climbed and walked leading them back to their ship.

No sooner did they reach the planet named Feath, they saw houses made of feathers. But alas everyone on Feath started angrily shouting and chasing the feathers badly. However, as luck would have it, the aliens on the Feath saw that the feathers were moving due to which all of them got scared a lot and they took to their heels. After that the feathers further continued the journey to cosmos in search of another planet.

Their next stop was at planet Cake. Besides Cake, the planet was made from sprinkles, lollipop, fondant and icing. The houses were made from biscuits. They even tried eating the house, which was delicious. Suddenly they saw a Gingerbread man. He begged, “Please don’t eat the planet”. The feathers agreed, so the Gingerbread man showed the feathers his house. Soon they all started bonding closely with each other on the planet. However, they soon realized that they were trapped inside the house magically. In order to escape, they devised a plan. Then they took out their computers and began hacking to get out of the house. Once they were successfully able to hack, the door opened and they sped off. As soon as they escaped a few aliens started chasing them and they quickly made their way back to their ship.

Their next voyage was to a planet named Kelper. It was made up of dreams. There were all kinds of dreams subconscious and unconscious. A pretty alien named Amanda showed them around the planet. On the planet there was a big rock on which the feathers could see what thoughts they had inside their heads, what will happen in their lives or what is happening in other feathers lives at the same time. Amanda showed them how everything worked around the planet. Later on, they made her a farewell.

Subsequently there were stories which emerged about their voyage. A leading newspaper came out with their space exploration and numerous articles were written about it. Feathers were the talk of their World. And this is what you are reading now.

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