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The Rabbit and the Horse

“The Rabbit and the Horse” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Lucía Encinas Abad, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

The Rabbit and the Horse

In a very beautiful forest with trees, flowers and a lot of vegetation lived a small white rabbit which loved carrots. There was a little brown horse too. One day they met in the forest and became friends.

One day they went for adventures but they got lost. They found a mountain they went up and found a little house. They went inside and they found a map in a box that was on the floor. It was a map to find a treasure, a brilliant treasure with a lot of jewels. The rabbit and the horse wanted to find that treasure.

They starting arguing about who was going to have the map… they pulled and pulled and suddenly the map was broken. The rabbit was angry so he didn´t want to look for the treasure but the horse wanted to find the treasure so he ran with his piece of map in his hand to find the treasure. He found a lot of clues, the last one was very important but he was very tired.

The next day the horse wanted to find the treasure that was on that clue. The clue was a piece of paper that said: YOUR BEST FRIEND HAS THE TREASURE so he was thinking and thinking and suddenly he remembered something that his father had told him when he was little, then he understood that the treasure was the friendship, it was the treasure, so he ran to find his best friend.

And now they are best friends again. So, they go for more, and more, and more adventures.

They will be very famous one day because of all the things they found in their adventures.

And now if you go to the forest, where nobody go, you will find them living more adventures.

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