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Fact about WaterEarlier, we have seen about how water is connected with human beings. Now, let us have a look at some interesting and amazing facts about water!


The 1 Percent water

We all know that our earth surrounds 70 percent water and 30 percent land. However, only one percent of water is being used and available for humans. While 2 percent is frozen in the glaciers, remaining 97 percent of water is completely salty!

Guess what, if at least 2 percent of salt water is made available for human use, there would be no water scarcity!

Interestingly, Antarctica supplies around 90 percent of the world’s fresh water.

Water – A Staple Liquid!

Ever since the life began on the earth, the quantity of water remains same until now! This clearly means survival of any organism is not possible without water. It is because; our planet earth is a closed system. It rarely loses or gains something as an additional matter.

Water is the only mineral that is available in three states naturally on earth, i.e. solid, liquid and gas.

Water Wastage

There is a shocking report we have about how much water we waste. According to a survey, the total adult population in Wales and England waste about 180 mega litres of water a day, just while turning on the tap for brushing. If the adult population closes the tap while they brush the teeth a day, the water saved could be used to supply and fulfill the needs of 500,000 homes.

Besides, the quantity of water used an individual in England is 50 percent less than the quantity of water consumed by an individual in America.

Also, water consumption in a house in America is eight times than India.

This is just about two places. Imagine how much we waste water all over the world.

Water Scarcity

Although we have 95 percent of water on the earth remaining unused, there are millions of people suffering due to water scarcity. Around 700 million people don’t have access to clean or sanitized water. Also, water scarcity is more likely to increase in next 20 years.

Very shockingly, more than 4 million people die due to water related diseases, caused due to contaminated water. Let us save water, plant more trees and reduce the wastage!

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