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Amazing Facts about Eskimos

Eskimos, popularly and interestingly called as snow men are unique group of people from rest of the world’s population. They are unique in terms of their lifestyle.

Eskimos – The Snow-men

What do you remember when you hear the word ‘Eskimos’?  A man or a woman or a child wearing fur covering from head to toe in a freezing world of snow! Eskimos are snow men and they live in the snow clad land.

Eskimos originated from northern part of United States across Alaska, Canada, and Russia. We live in the modern world with growing technology. However, Eskimos still live in a native way! Currently, the Eskimos spread across Greenland and Northern part of North America. A smaller group of Eskimos live in eastern Siberia.

Approximately, around 80000 Eskimos live around the world.

Eskimos’ Origin

Eskimos share their resemblance with Americans and Indians. Earlier, they were called as the ‘Transformed Indians!’ The truth is Eskimos are evolved from Mongolians, who originated from East Asia.  Very surprisingly, the languages of the Eskimos are not related to any Asian as well as American countries. Eskimos are not tribal!

Houses of Eskimos

Many believe that Eskimos live in a unique style of house constructed with snow called Igloo! It is half right. The snow house is termed as Igloo. However, Eskimos don’t live in the Igloos forever. It is a temporary house, the construct with solid ice blocks with a hole! Igloos are the temporary winter houses which provide shelter to Eskimos during their hunting trips.

The permanent houses of Eskimos are constructed in the same style like igloos. These houses are made of wood, skin of seals and whale bone. Seal’s skin is used as roof, which provides warmness.

In addition, during the very short summer days, Eskimos live in houses made of animal skin!

The materials used to construct the house changes according to the places where they live. Mostly, the skin of the dead animals and sea animals are used to create shelters.

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Eskimos life is decided by the things that surrounds them. They live in cold environment, mostly near the oceans. Obviously, fish is their staple meal! They base their food on the meat of the snow animals and sea animals. They hardly find any fruit or vegetable. Walrus, Caribou, Seal, and polar bears widely form part of their food.

They eat raw fish as well as cooked meat with seal oil! Seal oil is also used to warm their homes. They bury the seal oil on the floor to keep their homes warm.

Vegetarians will find it too tough to survive if they explore Eskimos’ world! 

It is proven that heavy meat foods are unhealthy. Surprisingly, the Eskimos, who almost rely on meats, remain one of the healthiest groups of people in the world!

The Culture and Tradition

Eskimos are the people who strictly follow and pay respect to their culture and traditions. They live in groups and respect the group leader. They do carry great respect for women. They work together to survive in the freezing weather conditions. Men are responsible for food and shelter, while women work towards creating clothes and cooking food.  

Ancient Eskimos are called as Shamans! It was believed that Shamans were experts in curing the diseases and carry supernatural powers.

While most of the Eskimos who live in the modern era in the snow world converted to Christianity, still around 10 percent of Eskimo population continues to follow their accidence religion. 


Eskimos wear the dresses made from skins of animals! Since the climate always will be too cold and freezing, there is no difference in clothing among the sex and age. Eskimos share great unity in wearing unisex clothes. They wear shoes made of sealskin, which is a waterproof material. The fur clothing, which appears like a long overcoat is made from polar bear or fox or caribou! Seal gut is used to make waterproof jackets. Just like a kangaroo, an Eskimo mother carries her baby in a pouch in her coat.

Creative minds

Eskimos are very creative people. They excel in creating miniature arts like boats, animals, etc. They use animal skins in a number of ways to create artistic things. For example, masks, fancy clothing with animal fur, etc.

They enjoy the bitter winter in the Arctic staying inside the house for several days.

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