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Water dropThe world is made of fascinating things beyond our imagination and control. There are many aspects in the world that we cannot live without and one such amazing element is WATER. The essence of life for all living things in the earth is WATER. Here is the list interesting facts for kids about water.

  • Around 70 percent of the surface of Earth is covered with water. Alternatively, when we calculate the mass of the earth in proportion to water surface, it is lesser than 1 percent.
  • Who said, oxygen is the most important gas for us to survive? Even HYDROGEN is an important gas for us to live. Water is a combination of 2 hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecules. No hydrogen means no water!
  • Have you ever tasted pure water? How good was it or how bad was it? This is one of the most interesting facts of kids to learn about water. Pure water without any minerals is not drinkable; no one can ever drink it! If the water is so pure that it doesn’t contain any minerals, it tastes very bland. Drinking pure water without minerals will make you feel your tongue very dry as it will absorb all nutrients from the tongue. It is also unsafe for drinking. So, minerals are included by nature to make it safer and tastier for drinking.
  • Every natural food contains water and there is no food (natural produce) that doesn’t contain water.
    • Milk – 80 to 90 percent water
    • Water melon – 98 percent water
    • Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin – 85 to 95 percent water
    • Potato – 75 percent water
    • Our Body – 60 percent water
  • The world of information technology is survived by water. Yes, computers, smartphones and internet won’t function without water. GOOGLE, the leading search engine uses thousands of gallons of water every day. The minute parts and micro chips of tech industry is cleaned using purest form of water.
  • Shockingly, around 5000 children die a day due to water scarcity or by diseases caused due to impure water.
  • We all are aware about many different sources of water. But did you know, water exists itself inside the earth crust? We normally see huge quantities of water in the lakes and oceans. But more than we usually see, enormous quantity of water is there inside the earth’s mantle and rocks. It is locked deeply 400kms inside earth.
  • Carbonated drinks are unhealthy; they contain additives, which make us love to drink it again and again. Do you know one litre of coke or other carbonated beverages need around 4 litres of water!  See, how much water is wasted?

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