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Funny Facts About Human Body

Human body parts and its amazing facts

Human body remains a mystery. The extremely complex mechanism and intricate system of a human body even confuses expert medical professionals. So, it is quite natural that there are many weird and surprising human body facts we never heard. Are you interested to know some lesser known and yet amazing human body facts?

You cannot breathe while you eat. Either you can breathe or swallow chewed food. You won’t be able to do both together. However, new-born babies are exceptional. They can eat and breathe simultaneously.

For most of the people, in spite of how hard you pinch on your skin on the elbow, it won’t hurt. Wouldn’t you love to try it?

Do you think you have a great sense of smelling? Well, human beings are deprived of sense of smell when they are asleep. So, just make sure that your mom doesn’t cook your favorite food when you are asleep. Similarly, you cannot sneeze when your eyes open.

Everyone suffers from color blindness at least for a few weeks in their life time. Yes, the babies are born color blind and could not see various colors.

Do you know there is one part of your body that never grows? It remains the same size from birth until death. They are eyes!

The small intestine is the largest organ in the body and the average length of this organ is 6 miles.

Every human has a tennis court in his or her body. Guess what? The average surface area of the human lungs is almost equivalent to the surface area of a tennis court.

More than 80 percent of the diseases are caused and sometimes worsened by stress.

According to a recent study, Monday is the most daunting day in the week. Around 20 to 30 percent of people died-off heart attack on Mondays.

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