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Fun facts of the human body

Fun facts of the human body

More fun facts about the human body for kids. Children will love these fun trivia about the blood, heart, brain and more. The facts presented are funny and children will be able to easily learn about the human body.

  • The adult human brain uses more than a quarter of the oxygen that is used by the human body. The adult human heart beats about 100,000 times a day and a phenomenal 36,500,000 times a year. This means it would beat over a billion times by the time an adult crosses the age of thirty.
  • The lungs of the adult human body have a surface area of over seventy square meters. The left side of the human brain controls the right side of a human body, while the right side of the human brain controls the left side of the human body.
  • The average number of teeth in an adult human is 32.
  • The smallest bone in the human body is in the middle ear, called the stirrup or staples and is about 2.8 millimeters in length.
  • New red blood cells are created inside the bone marrow of the body. They are used to carry oxygen throughout the body.
  • The human skin does not have a color of its own. It is in fact determined by the pigment melanin that the human body produces. In other words, those having small quantities of melanin will have a light or fairer skin. Similarly, those with large amounts of melanin will have a darker skin.
  • In addition to having unique fingerprints, adult humans also have unique tongue prints.
  • The sense of smell of the human adult is over 10,000 times' sensitive than the sense of taste.
  • A human adult blinks about ten times a minute, while an infant blinks only twice a minute.
  • REM or rapid eye movement makes up of close to twenty five percent of the total sleep time for an adult human. This period, known as deep sleep is when vivid dreams occur.
  • Did you know that both the ears and nose continue to grow throughout an adult humans’ lifespan.
  • The medicine we take as antibiotics is only useful against fighting bacteria and not against a virus.
  • The average time taken by the body to completely digest consumed food is about twelve hours.

We are sure your kids enjoyed these fun facts of the human body.

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