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Amazing Facts about Human Body

Human body facts

Our human body is quite amazing. There are many unknown facts about our human body that everyone should know! The human body is very complicated system that even the expert physicians cannot explore it fully. Now, learn about nine amazing facts about human body that you may not know.

  • The human ear has more than 25000 tiny cells of hair, which are very essential for hearing even small bits of sound!
  • It is a common belief that excess body fat is completely unhealthy. The real fact is, excess fat become a life-threatening condition when the total amount of fat in the body exceeds 35 percent in men and 40 percent women.
  • Any healthy person can survive for more than two weeks without having food. But cannot survive even for 3 days without water. Similarly, no sleep for more than 5 days also causes death.
  • Most of the cells in the body regenerates and refreshes itself, but brain cells could not regenerate! Once the brain cells are dead, they can neither get repaired nor treated!
  • Opposite attracts! The left side of your brain control the activities and functions of the right side of your body and the right side of the brain controls the activities and functions of left side of your body!
  • Around 10 percent of the world population grind their teeth during sleep and this is caused due to stress or depression. Similarly, around 5 percent of world population snores.
  • When you sleep, your olfactory sense, the sense of smell doesn’t work! And you don’t wakeup smelling something nice and sweet.
  • It is very common to lose around 30 to 50 strands of hair everyday and it is not hair loss.
  • The funny fact about the human body – Small Intestine is the largest organ in the body.

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