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Welcome to the home page of interesting fun and cool facts for kids. We have a collection of awesome facts on various subjects. These topics will provide kids, as well as adults plenty of enjoyment. Choose from the many odd topics covering everything from microbes to the mighty universe. There are awesome facts, kid-friendly videos, riddles, quizzes, pictures, and downloadable documents.

We have compiled some of the best-loved and coolest amazing facts that kids love to read. Kids will be intrigued on how important and unique these facts are, and that even some adults are unaware about it. This distinctive way of presentation will only help increase your child’s general awareness.

Topics that range from facts on Animals, Countries, Earth, Food, History, Human, Languages, Math, Nature, Technology, Science, Space, and the Universe. If you are looking for a specific topic, you can either view that topic by going directly to the menu links listed below, or click on the topic that you would like to read.

Pick the right one for your kid from the below list of links.

Amazing Facts about Animals

Kids experience an emotional reaction to animals and it is their appreciation for animals that help them memorize these facts. Check out these amazing facts about animals.

Amazing Facts About Countries

Getting to know the culture and history of a country explains more about that country. Get to know about these awesome facts and information about various countries.

Amazing Facts about the Earth

Sixty percent of the Earth’s surface is under water and, there is more water below the Earth’s surface than all the water from the Earth's seas. More such facts about Earth.

Amazing Facts on Food and Drinks

Nutritious insects such as caterpillars are paced with minerals and can be eaten. Amazing facts on different types of food and drinks from various parts of the world.

Amazing Facts about History

Learn about the ancient Egyptian, Greek and various other civilizations and about their art, architecture, literature, music, mythology, and other amazing facts.

Amazing Facts about Humans

Awesome facts about humans and the human body. We hang out with our own bodies all the time, so we take them for granted. But just read this and you will realize how great it really is.

Amazing Facts about Languages

With more than 2,700 languages globally, language certainly is an essential part of communication. Visit this page to learn many amazing facts about different languages.

Amazing Facts about Math

Math is more than just formulas, it is a way of seeing the world through patterns. Each fun fact highlights numbers, geometry, math history, mathematicians and more.

Amazing Facts about Nature

The greatest rainfall ever recorded in a day was over six feet at Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Welcome to more such amazing facts on nature and the weather.

Amazing Facts about Science

Science is a wide and fascinating subject with many amazing facts to learn, explore, and discover. Read on to find more about an interesting range of amazing science facts.

Amazing Facts about Technology

It is obvious that technology is an integral part of our lives. Kids who love technology, they would find these amazing facts on technology stimulating.

Amazing Facts about Space and the Universe

It is only when we look up at the sky that we realize how tiny a speck we really are. Take a look at these amazing facts about this ever so breathtaking universe.

Amazing General Facts

We have compiled some amazing general facts that make up our collective human experience. Enjoy our collection of bizarre, fascinating, and simply amazing facts that is sure to blow your mind!

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