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Fun facts about animals that the kids are likely to remember for a long time. Most of these facts are so unique that even some adults are unaware about it. This unique way of presentation will only help increase your child’s general knowledge and awareness. They will be a star among their mates at school.

  • Do you know that elephants also purr like cats, when they communicate with each other?
  • Are you aware of the fact that the mandrill baboon has blue cheeks, red nose and an orange beard?
  • Hummingbirds are the only birds that can stay stationary in the air. This is because they flap their wings at a speed of 50 to 70 times per second.
  • Octopuses shoot a stream of black ink when angry or aroused.
  • The emperor penguin often slides on ice while lying on its chest or sides.
  • The biggest sea turtle is the leatherback and can weigh over half a tonne or about 700 kgs.
  • Did you know that the snapping shrimp is only about one and a half inches in length? It is so named because it makes a snapping sound with its one claw that sounds like a firecracker going off.
  • Flying fish are so named because they glide on the wind currents just above the sea surface. This can sometimes be close to 20 feet above the water surface.
  • Were you aware of the fact that sea snakes are the most poisonous or venomous snakes in the world.
  • Adult male giraffes playfully bang their necks as a form of ritual play fighting, where no harm is done to either giraffe.
  • The stonefish is considered the most poisonous fish. It lives on the coast of Australia.
  • Lovebirds groom each other with their bills so as to keep it clean and neat.
  • The bee-eater, a bird from Africa, actually rides on the back of mammals just for fun.
  • The dipper bird’s nest can be found behind waterfalls. They use the waterfall for protection from intruders.
  • Vultures can soar and glide non-stop for hours without beating their wings.
  • The exoskeleton of sea horses’ makes swallowing as well as digestion difficult for bigger fish in the sea. They are often spit out because they are very hard to swallow.
  • Foxes use a novel way while hunting to pull out rodents from the ground. They just nip or bite the heels of cows and this makes them jump and stamp on the ground. The sound vibration makes these rodents come running out of their holes.
  • The South American Guanaco, a distant cousin of the Arabian Camel, has pads on its soles. This helps it from extreme hot and cold climates.
  • The Fiddler Crab’s claws regenerate when it loses a claw.
  • The Blue Jays cannot remember where they hide their winter stock of food.
  • The Chinese water deer are so small at the time of their birth, that they are just as big as an adult human’s palm.
  • It is a documented fact that over half the pigs in the world are with the Chinese farmers.
  • The Chow is the only dog that does not have a pink tongue.
  • Did you know that deer do not have gall bladders?
  • A wild lion only makes about 20 kills a year.
  • The bat’s leg bones are so thin that it cannot walk and has to fly.
  • The Ostrich is faster than a horse. The male Ostrich can also roar like a Lion.
  • Among the birds, the Ostrich lays the largest egg.
  • Scallops clap their shells open and shut, thus giving its swimming motion a kind of jet propulsion.
  • Some geese and ducks fly an average of over 300 miles a day. Did you know that the lungfish has the ability to live out of the water for at least four years?
  • The Egyptian Vulture breaks Ostrich eggs using stones.
  • Birds fly in a “V” formation to conserve energy.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the only American President who had the most number of pets. This included bears, hyenas, lion, wildcat and more.
  • It is the Killer Whales that are the ocean’s top predators and not the Tiger Shark.
  • Manatees or Sea Cows were once regarded as mermaids.
  • The female seahorse stores her babies inside her husband’s stomach.
  • Both men and chimpanzees have the same number of hairs per square inch on their bodies. It is just that the human’s hairs are too fine to be noticed.
  • The African bee frog is so named because it is only as big as a bee.
  • The heaviest lion that has gone in to the record books weighed about 375 kg or 825 pounds.
  • The lions’ roar can be heard within a radius of 5 miles or 8 kms.
  • The maximum speed that a lion can reach on a short burst is about 50 mph or 80 kmph. It does not have stamina like that of a cheetah.
  • Manes are symbolic with male lions. Lions with darker manes find mates (lionesses) easier.

We are sure that your kids will enjoy these fun facts about animals. Visit us every week for more amusing facts. Enjoy.

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