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Interesting Fun Animal Facts

Fun Animal Facts

We have a beautiful world around us, and every creature or animal is unique in its own way, including humans. However, we are ignorant to a lot of information and facts. Hence, we must make time to know and appreciate the various, interesting and exciting know-how of animals, and birds, created by God. Here is a collated list of such entertaining and fun-to-read facts about animals.

  • Koala bears are known to only consume eucalyptus leaves as food, and nothing other than that.
  • Beavers’ teeth never stop growing. Hence, they must continuously gnaw on something to maintain and manage their length and avoid any kind of irregularities.
  • Oysters are extremely adaptable to the process of mating. They can change their gender depending upon what is best suited for mating.
  • Squirrels accidently end up planting many trees because they bury nuts in the ground to hide them for later, but eventually forget about the location.
  • Butterflies can only see three colors- red, green, and yellow, although their compound eyes consist thousands of lenses.
  • Snails are capable of growing back a new eye in case it loses one.
  • The gender of a turtle can be determined based on the noise it makes. A male turtle grunts while a female turtle hisses.
  • Afghan hounds are the dumbest dogs in the whole world.
  • Giraffes do not possess any vocal cords. In addition, the color of their tongue is bluish black.
  • The loudest noise created by any living creature is made by the blue whales.
  • The woodpecker bird is capable of pecking 20 times in 1 second.
  • As humans can be uniquely identified via their unique fingerprints, dogs’ nose prints are unique for each dog.
  • Seahorse is the slowest fish in the aqua world that moves at a speed of 0.01 mph.
  • There have been at least 20 vocalizations that have been identified to be used by pigs to communicate with each other.
  • Owing to the weight and size of the hippopotamus, one might think that they would rarely be able to run. However, the truth is that hippos can run faster than humans can.
  • Contrary to popular belief, French poodles actually originated in Germany.
  • The wings of hummingbird can beat up to 80 times per second, and they are the only birds that can fly backwards.
  • Koalas, komodo dragons, and Iguanas are animals with two penises.
  • Ancestors of kangaroo were known to have lived on trees. There are eight different kinds of kangaroos known as of date.
  • There is no sense of smell in the great horned owl.
  • The weight of most of the elephants is less than that of the tongue of a blue whale.
  • A caterpillar irrespective of its small size is known to have 248 muscles in its head.
  • The milk obtained from reindeer has more fat content than the milk taken from cow.
  • The reason why Ostrich can run at a great speed is that it has two toes on each foot.
  • Cows tend to poop 16 times on an average in one day.
  • Stonefish is the most poisonous fish in the world.
  • Goats are said to be the first animals that were domesticated by humans around 10,000 years ago.
  • No matter how deadly fireflies seem to look, they do not have pincers, are extremely harmless, and never carry diseases.
  • The heart of the whale is said to beat only nine times in one minute.
  • It may not be seen from far, but the body of an elephant is covered with hair.
  • As male koalas have two penises, female koalas have two vaginas.
  • Believe it or not but turtles can breathe through their butts.
  • Sea otters hold hands and sleep to avoid being drifted apart.
  • While playing, male puppies often let female puppies to win although they have the physical advantage. How cute is that!
  • Ever thought of penguins to be romantic? Gento Penguins offer a pebble to their life partners while proposing. Guess human females are not the only ones to have love for stones.
  • If you kill a panda in China, you will be sentenced to death.
  • If you tickle a rat, they happen to react to it by laughing.
  • Like humans, puffins are birds that tend to mate for life. They also build houses on cliff side with room set aside for toilet. How well-mannered!
  • It has been researched that cows are able to produce more milk while listening to music.
  • Seahorses are known to mate for life and while they are on the move, they travel by holding each other’s tail.
  • Before the eggs of hen can hatch, the chicks inside are able to communicate with other chicks in the eggs and also with their mother through the medium of sound.
  • Turritopsos Nutricula, which is a type of jellyfish, is considered to be the only species that is known to be immortal.
  • As observed by bird watchers, crows are capable of playing pranks on each other.
  • When seen closely, you can see butterflies tasting using their feet.
  • As per several years of studies and research, it has been noted that goats, like humans, can have different accents.
  • Animals are caring and kind. How? Squirrels will adopt and take care of other squirrel babies if they are found abandoned.
  • Sharks do not have bones in their body. Instead, they have a skeleton made up of cartilage that consists of same tissues present in human ears and noses.
  • Wolves are known to be great hunters and they are found in most of the places around the world as compared to any other mammals excluding humans.
  • The life span of a gorilla lasts for only 40-50 years.

Going through the above, is it not true that how very little we know about animals. In fact, most of these facts are virtually unknown to us. Make it a point to study and ensure that your kids know these facts. Enjoy your day.

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