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Jelly FishJelly fish will evaporate

Just like any other fish, Jelly fish survives only in water. Jelly fish would die if exposed to sun. However, they get evaporated when they are exposed. Yes, Jelly fishes are made of 98 percent water and that is why they are transparent. When they reach the shore washed up by the waves, the sun exposure makes them evaporate.

AntsThe ANT power
Ants are tiny insects. They roam in groups and suddenly vanish away. However, they are equally powerful as the humans. Guess how? The total weight of the ants that live in this world almost equals to the total weight of the human beings in the earth.

Elephants are very emotional
ElephantsElephants are quite amazing animals and we can find many interesting facts about elephant. One such amazing fact is given here.

Elephants are extremely emotional animals. They develop very close relationship and bond with its group. When an elephant dies in a group, all the elephants would mourn for the death of the loved ones. Also, it would be very difficult to console a mother elephant who loses a baby elephant.

Very surprisingly, elephants may die due to hard core emotions. Losing a child elephant or mother elephant or missing the care taker make them emotionally weak and may sometimes lead to death.

Ship of the desert
Camel in DesertWhat is the ship of the desert? Camel! But do you know why it is called the ship of the desert? As believed commonly, camel is not called because it is the only animal that can survive in the condition of the desert and a primary mode of transport.

It is called so because, Camels can survive in the desert for very long period of time just the same like ships do in the sea. Ships carry large quantity of food and water for their long voyages in the sea. They both carry people as well as goods. Camels have the ability to absorb fat from food and retain in their body like hump. Camels got the nickname “ship of the desert” because they can travel easily in the desert for transportation without having food and water for long time.

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