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Water Level in Human BodyHuman body and water

The human body of an adult is made of nearly 70 % of water. Low quantity of water in the body is fatal. Also, in a new born child, 80 % of the weight of the new born is contributed by water. This is the reason why new born babies lose weight in a few days of birth.

Healthy water consumption

Many of us are aware that adequate consumption of water is essential for maintaining good health and wellbeing. The quantity of water that every human being requires may differ from one person to another. Drinking more water is recommended everywhere. Water maintains the body equilibrium and helps your skin glow. Averagely, a person can drink around 2 to 3 liters of water.

Water can be dangerous

Too much of consumption of water may lead to malfunction of brain. Just like a poison intoxication, drinking water continuously leads to water intoxication. It makes your bladder heavy and dilutes the sodium in the urine, which joins in the blood stream. Frequent urination due to excessively drinking water also reduces the effective functions of the kidney, where the bile salts are not removed. All these elements together contribute to create an imbalance in the brain.

This is the reason that patients with kidney disease are not allowed to consume more water.

Water and liquid beverages

Water is just everywhere. Every food and every kind of liquid contains water. However, drinking soda, coffee, chocolate drinks, or any other beverage that contains caffeine, which obviously is another form of water carry the diuretic effect in the body. It prevents water from travelling all over the body. So, it is widely recommended to avoid or reduce the consumption of bottled beverages.

Water fruits and vegetables

Water fruits and vegetables are boon to mankind. They not just provide essential nutrients, but also helps prevent dehydration. For instance, cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, bottlegourd, ashgourd, squash, etc.

You don’t drink pure water

Most of us believe that we drink filtered water, the purified one, which is wrong. Filters and chemicals purify the contaminated water to certain extent. Remember, pure water doesn’t have any taste and it hurts your mouth!

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