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English alphabets

English is the universal language. With mere English knowledge, many reached great heights. Aren’t you interested in knowing some amazing facts of this language?

  • Most commonly used alphabet is ‘E’
  • Most commonly used Vowel is ‘E’
  • Most commonly used consonant is ‘R’
  • How many words you can tell ending with ‘GRY’? Only TWO! - ANGRY and HUNGRY
  • Name the longest word that doesn’t contain the repetition of any alphabet! – UNCOPYRIGHTABLE
  • 1 /5th world population speak English
  • More than 80 percent of the data stored in the computer across the globe is stored in English
  • The ‘dot’ we use over the alphabet ‘i’ and ‘j’ is referred as SUPERSCRIPT DOT.
  • ‘S’ is the most commonly used alphabet
  • The oldest words in English – I and We
  • For every 90 minutes, a new word is created in English
  • No more than 1000 words are used by world population, which accounts for more than 80 percent of content written in English
  • No number from 0 (zero) to 999 contains the alphabet A.

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