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Amazing Facts about Colors

The world is extremely colorful and energetic. We love colors and colors make our lives fascinating. Want to know some amazing facts about colors? Here you go.

What is a color? – It is nothing but a part of the light. Colors are reflected, refracted, transmitted and absorbed.

  • The word Colors also spelled as Colours is derived from a Latin word ‘COLOS’ which means ‘a cover’.
  • There are many exclusive studies developed to learn in depth of colors. To name a few, Chromatics, colorimetry, chromatography, etc.
  • Colors are considered an important element in astronomy. Astronomers use colors to identify the stars. If a star appears blue in color, the bigger it is. If the star appears yellowish, the smaller it is.
  • There is a unique disease called chromatophobia, which means the fear of colors.
  • Human eye distinguishes various colors simply based on the sensitivity of retina cells to the shades and the wavelength of the colors.
  • Among the living organisms other than humans, monkeys, various species of birds, fish and ground squirrels have clear vision to distinguish the colors.
  • Did you know, the taste of food is influenced by the color of the vessel, pot or a cup containing it! Yes, it is how our brain receives the color and flavor. For example, a cup of coffee tastes delicious when served in a brown cup.
  • Do you know what the major difference between tint and shade is?
    • Tint of a color is made adding white to the base color
    • Shade of a color is made adding black to the base color

Here is the picture of a basic color wheel

Source: Northlite_net

The color wheel is invented by Newton. As indicated in the above picture, yellow, red and blue were the primary colors. Other colors were formed mixing the shades of the primary colors. Green is not primary color as it is a mix of blue and yellow!  

  • Complimentary colors – They are extremely opposite colors in a color wheel that match well with each other. For instance, red-green, yellow-violet, orange-blue, etc are complimentary colors.
  • Analogue colors – They are neighboring colors sits next to a primary color in the color wheel. Using the analogue colors together gives a pleasant and soothing effect. Red-violet- violet, blue-blue green, etc.
  • Neutral Tones – Black, white, beige, brown, gray, etc are neutral shades that don’t appear in a color wheel.

So far, we have seen about interesting facts about colors. Now let’s move on and read about the unique characters / specialties of various colors. 

Red is probably the color with most variations. The color red is linked with X chromosomes. Women can identify various shades of red than men.

Red color is used as the color for alert, danger signals etc. It is used because red color is having the highest light intensity. Power transferred per unit area is called intensity. Therefore red color can be viewed from far distance, that’s why it is used for traffic signals and alerts.

Blue is the most favorite color and white is the least favorite color. Blue is the favorite color of around 48 percent of the world population. Also, blue is a staple color of boys where as pink is the staple color of girls.

Researchers have proven that pink is a pleasant and soothing color. Pink contain the properties to soothe the nerves and reduce stress. Also, it enhances the mood.

Green, although not a primary color is the color of the brain. Without the green color, it is impossible to process the light signals that come from external space.  Any doubts regarding this? See the movie ‘The Matrix!’

Next to pink, green also contain the properties to calm down a tensed or stressed mind.

Orange is the color of happiness. Also, orange is considered an auspicious color. In ancient times, orange color is regarded as the color of melted gold, a sign that brings wealth and prosperity.

Guess what, Halloween the celebration time is embraced by the orange color!

Black Vs White – Rivalry:
Black and white has been rivals for a long time. Many people have different opinions on black and white as a color. The disputing color combination perceived differently.

According to scientists and researchers, black is absence of color and white is a mixture of all colors.

To the contrary, artists and painters believe that white is absence of color and black is actually a color! This is confusing isn’t it? Now, tell me your opinion?

Fear of Bright Colors:
Bright shades attract people, but this is not for everyone. There are people who fear for bright shades or darker shades of any particular color. This condition is termed as chromophobia.

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