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Amazing Facts about ChocolatesThe word chocolate was derived from an Aztec word, Xocolatl, which means bitter water. The staple flavor of chocolate is bitter. When you eat dark chocolate you will find a slight bitterness in your mouth.

Chocolate is a brain-friendly food. Brain loves the sweet smell of the chocolate and helps in relaxation. It stimulates a brain wave called THETA, which is responsible for keeping us relaxed.

Eating more chocolates helps in reducing stress. Unlike commonly believed, chocolate is a healthy and friendly food.

White chocolate is not a real chocolate in technical terms. It has no cocoa and is not healthy too!

To make one pound of chocolate, that is 450 grams of chocolate, we need 400 cocoa beans.

Chocolate prices are more likely to get increased in a few years due to scarcity of cocoa beans.

All we need is sufficient water and minimal exposure to sunlight. It is misbelieved that cocoa trees grow only in hilly and cold regions. Cocoa trees can be cultivated amidst the coconut farm.

A small piece of chocolate or cocoa bar is provides energy and stamina to walk 20 minutes briskly. Chocolate is an energy giving food!

Eating a piece of dark chocolate everyday reduces the risk of heart diseases! Chocolates are heart-friendly food.

Have you heard about chocolate chips? Lays introduced a new and unique flavor, chocolate chips! The potato chips are dipped in milk chocolate. It was a limited edition made available in the year 2013, not anymore!

Here is quite an interesting fact about chocolate!

Chocolate chip cookie, the most favorite type of cookie has been sold to Nestle by the inventor. Guess what, the inventor promised to sell the idea to Nestle based on a condition that Nestle would supply him chocolates for the entire life! Chocolate maniac!

If you eat more chocolate, you will get tooth decay! This is what most mothers warn their children and prohibit them, eating chocolates. However, it is not true. Eating chocolates in fact act as a guard to mouth and prevents tooth decay as chocolates contain anti-bacterial elements. It is only the sugar coated candies that cause tooth decay!

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