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Amazing Facts about English LanguageAlphabet – Alpha Plus Beta

Alphabet - The first thing that everyone learns. The term alphabet is derived from Greek - Alpha and Beta. The first two letters of Greek becomes the alphabet that covers all the 26 letters in English.

Official Language of Skies

English is the universal language. Besides, it is an official language of all the skies. Regardless of the origin, mother tongue, country of birth, all pilots identify only in English in International airlines.

Rank 3

While English is widely spoken across the globe, ruling the planet, it is ranked only at 3rd place as the most spoken language. The winners and runners are Chinese and surprisingly Spanish!

A Blend of Three Languages

English isn’t a clear and pure language with its own origin. It is derived from and a mix of ancient German, Anglo Norman and Norse. The English we speak today has been modernized in the 14th century.

Owing to the origin, English resembles Dutch, and Flemish.

English Grows every 2 Hours

As we are aware that learning new and interesting words in English improves our vocabulary and knowledge, we may never learn everything in English. Do you know, almost every 2 – 3 hours, a new word is added in English. How interesting!

Grammar Rules

Standard rules for English grammar were laid in 1750s and until then there were no customary rules.

Common words

The two common and most spoken words in English are I and YOU.

Computer friendly language

English may not be the widely spoken language, but the world of technology runs only by this language. Almost more than 90 percent of the data stored in the computers is in English.

Surprising fact

This is quite an amazing fact about English. Around 90 percent of everything that is written in English (Except the typical medical terms) uses only 1000 common words in English.

More facts about English language

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