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The 9 Times Quickie in Mathematics

Everyone has something that stumps them once in a while, and that will continue throughout life. However, when you are learning the multiplication tables and get up to the nines, that’s getting into the area where the calculations are getting just a bit trickier. There’s a really fun trick that you can do when you are learning the 9 times quickie in mathematics for the nines multiplication tables that you never even need a calculator to get the solution. All you need are two hands and 10 fingers – or two feet and 10 toes if you have on sandals. This is one of the great little mathematical tricks that will take you less than a minute to learn when you know how to do it. The technique that is taught in this lesson makes the 9 Times tables a breeze to learn and remember for the rest of your life.

Here are some math tricks that can help you learn the facts.

1) Place your hands in front of you with fingers spread out wide.
2) Bend your third finger for the equation 9 x 3. (Bend your fourth finger for 9 x 4, and so on.)
3) See that there are 2 fingers in front of your bent finger, and 7 fingers after your bent finger.
4) This means that the answer to 9 x 3 is 27.
5) This is only applicable for the multiplication table of 9 (multiplied by up to 10.)

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