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Grade 2 Math Worksheets

As children reach Grade 2, or Year 2 as it is called in some schools, Math gets more challenging. However, children thrive on challenges, and if approached in the right manner, the thrill of discovery can keep them excited to learn math. Children who do so are the ones who grow up into brilliant mathematicians, physicists and engineers, or enter other professions where the knowledge and discipline of math is an asset. After all, as Stefan Banach said, “Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.”

Math in the beginning years is about getting the basics right, and practicing them every day. Children should be very fluent in numbers and the basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, at this age. Without a good foundation in math, children flounder in higher grades. We provide worksheets here on all math topics that children study in Grade 2 (Year 2), according to the International syllabus. All worksheets here are free and printable.

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» Counting on and counting backwards in 10s

» Numbers till thousand

» Comparing and ordering

» Place value 1

» Place value 2

» Addition 1

» Addition 2

» Counting to 1000

» Numbers to 1000 - Place value

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