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Stefan Banach, the Polish Mathematician said, “Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.”

Reading the quote above, it seems utterly amazing that Mathematics is the most hated subject in the case of a lot of school and college students. In most cases, it could be because they do not see why they should study Mathematics. Sometimes it could be that students did not like the teachers who taught them mathematics. In at least some cases, it may be because they do not see that Mathematics can be fun and pleasant to learn.

It was Paul Halmos who said, “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” Truly, practice makes perfect, in the case of mathematics, as in the case of so much else.

Therefore, we at Kids World Fun are providing you with Mathematics worksheets that have been carefully developed, based on International syllabus, and starting from Year 1.

These worksheets are free and printable. You will find them interesting, fun to do, and at the same time relevant to the topic, and reflecting its level of seriousness.

We are sure that parents, teachers and students will find these worksheets very useful, in their learning and teaching of Mathematics.

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