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Grade 1 Mathematics - Numbers

Mathematics is best learnt when children are very young, when their curiosity is at its best, and when their willingness to learn is at its highest point. Childhood is also a time when learning can be a lot of fun, and learning happens through fun.

Robert Collier famously said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

For children to succeed in Maths, there needs to be a lot of daily practice, and we at Kids World Fun provide you with worksheets on each of the topics children learn in Year 1. These worksheets begin with the most basic of all, which is numbers. Numbers form the basics of Mathematics, and being able to count is the basic skill that children have to learn.

These worksheets are free and printable.

Click on your choice worksheets

» Numbers Worksheet 1 (1-5)

» Numbers Worksheet 2 (1-10)

» Numbers Worksheet 3 (1-20)

» Numbers Worksheet 4 (1-50)

» Numbers Worksheet 5 (1-100)

» Addition Worksheet 1 (within 10)

» Addition Worksheet 2 (within 20)

» Addition Worksheet 3 (without carrying)

» Addition Worksheet 3 (with carrying)

» Addition Worksheet 4 (word problems)

» Subtraction Worksheet 1 (within 10)

» Subtraction Worksheet 2 (within 20)

» Subtraction Worksheet 3 (with carrying)

» Multiplication Worksheet 1 (without carrying)

» Division Worksheet 1

» Money Worksheets

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