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How easy is that? Math is an allergic subject for many students. Would you love to learn about the history of maths and how it evolved?

Simple evolution of maths

Math is just numbers and calculations. Yes, it is JUST numbers and is composed of pre-build rules. The simple rules create various models and modules! Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are just the basic rules, that reign the massive subject called MATHEMATICS! Let us look at some basic concepts of maths.

Math is simple and it evolved beautifully over time. Math is the way of thinking. Now, imagine that you are a caveman and how you would have calculated?

First, it was Unary System of Numbering:

Unary system is nothing but drawing lines in the sand! If it is one, 1 line, 2 – two lines, 10 – ten lines and even 100 – 100 lines. It has no rewriting.

Unary system: Draw lines in the sand — as simple as it gets. Great for keeping score in games; you can add to a number without erasing and rewriting.


Something that was very painful in the olden days is continuous writing of numbers. As mentioned above, if you want to write 200, you should draw 200 lines. If you count wrong, no rewrite or correct in the middle, you have to start from the beginning.

The simplest maths was the most complicated one!

Roman System: This system was introduced to create shortcuts for the large digits / numbers!

I, IV, X, XXX, etc.

Decimal System: It is an amazing realisation that numbers can be positioned with a zero and an appropriate place.

Binary system: Simple mechanical system for machines, with only two numbers, one and a zero!

Scientific System: E3, 00E3, etc very compact system to understand the digits of a number.

Math numbering
This is how maths evolved!

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